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Organoid Biobank

I Introduction of Bio-bank  
Through collaboration with government, we will establish a central bio-bank in Nanchang.  About 8 to 10 branch bio-banks will be established in various cities in the future, sharing the samples and biological information with the central bio-bank and will become a core member in the international bio-bank consortium. 
The bio-bank adpots the model of joint construction and joint use, in which the samples are provided by the hospitals, the culture and preservation of the organoids are the responsibilities of Five Elements. By establishing a living organoid bio-bank based on AI and blockchain technology, we are committed to accomplishing the goal of opening-up to institutions and enterprises, providing an integrated platform of drug discovery and precision medicine, which will promote the development of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and create economic and social benefit. 
Features of the bio-bank: led by government, government and enterprise cooperation 
Medical institutions, research institutions, Colleges, scientific teams, novel models, capital



II Three major features of the bio-bank
1.Reviving and Expanding after Freezing
Most cells of blood samples and tissue samples in the traditional bio-banks are dead, which can’t be revived and cultured,while, the tissue cells in the organoid bio-bank are alive and can be revived and expanded constantly.
2.Extensive Applications
Organoids derived from patients’ tissues or stem cells can be used not only for clinical and basic researches, but also for drug sensitivity screenings and drug discoveries, which can offer guidance for personalized diagnosis and treatment, reduce the time and cost of drug discovery.
3Combining AI and Blockchain Technology
Dominated by the applications of AI, using blockchian technology to build data models, our bio-bank can achieve the purpose of data and profit sharing among the members in the consortium, which will lay a solid foundation for the extensive applications of AI in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.